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  • 重症监护室装修的基本要求
    来源: 浏览: 发布日期:2019-04-08
    The decoration features of ICU are dust-free, dust-free, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, fire-proof and easy to clean. The color should be mild and elegant, light green and yellow. Green and red blood complement each other, which can alleviate eye fatigue of medical staff and have a calming effect on patients'psychology. Yellow has the function of balancing low mood and preventing the convergence with green wall.
    New ICU Fundamental Request:
    The basic auxiliary rooms of ICU include doctor's office, director's office, staff lounge, central workstation, treatment room, dispensing room, instrument room, dressing room, cleaning room, waste disposal room, duty room, washing room, etc. Conditional ICU can be equipped with other auxiliary rooms, including display room, family reception room, laboratory, nutrition preparation room, etc. The ratio of auxiliary housing area should be more than 1.5:1.
    Equipments for ICU Operating Room
    1. Bedside monitoring system
    Each bed is equipped with a bedside monitoring system to stop the monitoring of vital signs such as ECG, blood pressure, pulse oxygen saturation and invasive pressure monitoring. Each ICU unit is equipped with at least one portable monitor for safe transshipment of patients. As the basic equipment, ICU monitor is equipped with one bed and fixed on the bed head or function post for easy inspection.
    2. Infusion pump and microinjection pump
    The infusion pump and the micro-injection pump should be equipped with each bed, of which the micro-injection pump has more than two sets per bed. In addition, a certain number of enteral nutrition infusion pumps are equipped.
    3. Power distribution
    In ICU, the use of electrical and electronic equipment is relatively concentrated. In the design, each monitoring bed should be equipped with more than 12 power sockets, more than 2 oxygen interfaces, 2 compressed air interfaces and more than 2 negative pressure absorption interfaces. Electricity for medical use is separated from that for domestic lighting. The power supply for each ICU bed should be supplied by an independent reaction circuit. ICU should have standby discontinuous power system (UPS) and leakage maintenance equipment.
    The criterion that the ICU decoration company insists on is: merger, communication, reduction of unreasonable man-made obstacles as far as possible, design the environment as a generous, beautiful, warm, safe and efficient place, break through the bad habits of previous professional groups, Chuhe-Hanjie and even people sweeping the snow in front of their doors, to ensure that staff communicate abundantly and reduce complexity. The trivial workflow guarantees seamless handover in the chain of power and responsibility, abundantly expresses the team body of departments, increases mutual exchange and assistance, and improves cohesion. As Department managers, through barrier-free design, they can also fully understand the dynamic work of the Department and deal with work contradictions in a timely manner.
    The above is an introduction to the renovation of the intensive care unit. I hope it will be helpful to you. More wonderful details, please pay attention! If you are satisfied with our service, please tell your friends around you. If you feel that our service is not good enough, you should help us improve it. We would appreciate it very much. Our official website is