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  • 医院手术室装修设计有哪些要求
    来源: 浏览: 发布日期:2017-11-03
    The design of operation room in hospital decoration design includes ICU, MICU and various laboratories, laboratory and other special space.
    The operation room preparation area, isolation area and operation area -- the three regions, according to the size, according to the proportion of reasonable division of the overall consideration, including room setting, facilities placed, channel division, the relationship between medical staff and patients, their families, for the efficient and orderly.
    The operation room after decoration can not only meet the requirements of the use function, but also create a good medical environment for the medical staff and patients.
    Professional requirements
    No dust, no dust, corrosion proof, damp proof, fire prevention, easy to clean. The color to be gentle and elegant, is light green and light yellow.
    Blood red and green complementary color, can reduce the medical personnel with eye fatigue, and calm effect on patients' psychology. Yellow balance in low spirits, and avoid the green wall convergence.
    Electrical design, purification air conditioning design, medical gas pipeline and terminal design should be carried out indoor design and decoration construction according to the professional requirements.
    Hexahedral requirements
    Ground. Should be smooth, wear-resistant, non slip, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, easy to dust and cracking of decorative materials, 100 operation room can use anti-static, antibacterial, fire prevention, wear-resisting rubber flooring, floor light yellow PVC; 1000, 10000 operation room can choose Beige terrazzo or artificial stone floor.
    Note that the rubber floor or artificial stone floor, together with the ground into one shade horn handle. The wall - forming aluminum or aluminum plastic dado, waterproof and rocky pattern paint, and the joints.
    Terrazzo should use 425 or more cement, stone size 5 ~ 15mm, in order to prevent cracking, gravel, sand. The ground should not be equipped with floor drain, otherwise there should be indoor air pollution prevention measures, such as the installation of high water seal floor drain.
    Metope. Adopt the light steel keel wall, with various pipelines and equipment flush mounted on the wall. The surface layer should be used with high hardness, good integrity, Pinfeng less, tight gap decoration materials.
    1150 types of color steel plate, combined with the air outlet, return air port, observation window, embedded view lamp, instrument cabinet, disinfection cabinet, switch interface, the wall will be integrated into the whole, as far as possible to reduce the convex and crevice.
    The wall can be inclined 3 degrees, can not only reduce the dust, but also can make the light reflection angle is conducive to the operation of medical staff.
    Can choose Austria WAX anti - Petter laminate board board. The sterile area wall can use 600 x 600mm light green tiles on top. The concave wall skirting board should be 1cm, and incorporated into the ground, corner fillet radius of 40mm. On both sides of the channel and the corner of the wall should be provided with two anti-collision plate.
    Smallpox. It is necessary to arrange and install HEPA filter outlet, lighting lamp, smoke extinguisher, etc. all kinds of pipelines should be hidden in the ceiling. Can choose light steel keel 600 x 600mm white color steel purification plate ceiling, according to the seam with sealant tape treatment.
    The ceiling surface is concealed for shadowless lamp, two top, top two on both sides of the electric rail, automatic opening and closing, as far as possible to reduce pollution. Ceiling ceiling can also be used for smallpox.
    Door window. Hollow double deck windows with dust proof and sound insulation effect should be adopted, and stainless steel or plastic steel special windows can be used. The door should be automatic induction type electric color steel sliding door, and equipped with a delay device, in order to avoid the operation personnel frequently occur "open door operation" phenomenon.

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