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  • 无尘车间的火灾事项的设计
    来源: 浏览: 发布日期:2018-02-27
    First, there are many fire hazards and high probability of fire.
    In pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and other industries, the division of functions is more prominent in the production process or production process flow scheduling requirements, which makes some dangerous processes or dangerous equipment directly affect the safety of buildings and personnel. In particular, some intermediate products produced in raw materials or production processes are flammable and explosive, and can not be prevented from building structures or building layout, so that the fire risk of plants is greatly increased.
    Two. The clean area is large and the fire separation is difficult.
    With the rapid development of modern industry, especially the electronic industry and the continuous updating of clean technology, the area of the clean area is increasing. If a chip production enterprises according to the process requirements of clean area of nearly one hundred thousand square meters, factory floor perforation integrate clean area and material equipment area, clean area and return air well integrated design, height of 20 meters. For this kind of super large clean factory, there are many difficulties in the separation of the horizontal vertical fire zone. When a fire occurs, the smoke and dust produced by the fire can easily spread to the entire factory area, causing comprehensive damage.
    Three, indoor evacuation difficulties with many twists and turns.
    With the increasing area of clean area and the requirement of concentration control of airborne particles, technological isolation measures and dust removal facilities in clean rooms are also increasing. In the corridor, the channel arrangement should meet the technical requirements, the interior layout with many twists and turns, difficult evacuation. Most of the food, pharmaceutical, electronic clean plant belongs to the labor-intensive factories, especially the packaging workshop, assembly workshop, the workshop is mostly small, many personnel, fire is easy qunsiqunshang.


    Four. The construction structure is closed and the smoke exhausting is difficult to save.
    In order to ensure clean room cleanliness requirements and save energy consumption, fixed window production areas often do not set or set up a small number of windows, the production space to maintain the structure of closed, once the fire, heat trapping, flue gas to discharge, the fire and rescue personnel evacuation and fire ventilation is more and more difficult. Toxic gases released from thermal insulation materials of some clean factories during fire are introduced into closed clean factories, which also bring great difficulties to evacuation and fire fighting. In addition, the separation wall and the ceiling of the clean room are more used with metal plates, which have a strong shielding effect on electromagnetic waves and have a great influence on the wireless communication. In the event of a fire, the wireless communication system in the rescue of fire fighters is difficult to be used in the clean area, making the fire rescue operation more difficult.
    Five. The fire spread quickly and it was difficult to find out early
    The cleanroom generally has high temperature and humidity requirements. The air supply, exhaust and dust removal pipes are more complex. The air pipes are usually arranged in the technical interlayer above the clean room. When the fire happens, the fire easily spreads along the air channel. Clean air duct with extensive use of flame retardant insulation materials. Once a fire occurs, it will not only cause the spread of the fire, but also produce a large number of toxic and harmful combustion products, and can also cause casualties. The clean room process and utility piping, cable layout and arrangement of hidden, perplexing, usually installed in the technology of interlayer or concealed in the partition wall, failure is not easy to find, the fire status is not easy to find.
    Six. The production process is special and the secondary disaster is difficult to control.
    Due to the production of bioactive substances in some clean plants, once a fire occurs, it is not only to control and extinguish the fire, but also to control the occurrence of secondary disasters. Once the secondary disaster measures are not used properly, the consequences of environmental pollution will be far greater than the consequences of the fire.
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