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  • 医院装修之手术室装修规划时有哪些要求
    来源: 浏览: 发布日期:2018-11-12
    What are the requirements for decoration planning of hospital decoration operation room?
    手术室的装修是及时拯救生命的当地,那么医院装修规划时手术室的规划要注意哪些呢?手术室包含ICU、MICU及各类实验室、检验室特别空间。手术室的准备区、阻隔区和手术区三大区域,依据规划大小,按份额合理切割统筹考虑,包含房间设置、设备摆放、通道区分,医护人员与病员、家族之间的联系,要求有序。装修后的手术室不仅能很好地满意使用功用的要求,也为医护人员和患者营建了一个杰出的医疗环境。结合医院装修作用图规划的几点要求 。
    Operating room decoration is a timely life-saving local, so what should be paid attention to when planning hospital decoration? Operation room contains special rooms for ICU, MICU and all kinds of laboratories and laboratories. According to the planning size, the preparation area, obstruction area and operation area of the operating room should be cut reasonably and comprehensively according to the share, including room setting, equipment placement and channel differentiation, and the relationship between medical staff and patients and families should be efficient and orderly. The renovated operating room not only satisfies the requirements of functional use, but also builds an outstanding medical environment for medical staff and patients. Combined with several requirements of hospital decoration planning.
    Professional requirements
    No dust, no dust, corrosion-resistant, moisture proof, mildew proof, fire resistant and easy to clean. The color should be gentle and bright, and it can be pale green and light yellow. Green and red blood complement each other, which can alleviate the exhaustion of doctors and nurses'eyes and have a quiet effect on patients' mind. Yellow has the function of balancing depression and preventing the convergence of green walls. Electrical planning, purification and air conditioning planning, medical gas pipeline and terminal planning should be carried out according to professional requirements of indoor planning and decoration construction.
    Hexahedron requirement
    1. Ground: should be flat, choose wear-resistant, slip-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, dust and non-cracking decoration materials, 100-class operating room can choose anti-static, anti-bacterial, fire-resistant, wear-resistant rubber floor, light yellow PVC floor; 1000-class, 10000-class operating room can choose Beige terrazzo or artificial stone floor. Attention should be paid to the rubber floor or artificial stone floor, together with the overhang on the ground. The wall is made of aluminum sheet or plastic aluminum sheet, and waterproof latex paint. The terrazzo should be cement 425 or more, and the stone size is 5-15 mm, in order to prevent cracking, pebble dropping and sand rising. It is not necessary to set up floor drain on the ground. Otherwise, indoor air pollution should be prevented, such as setting up high water sealed floor drain.
    2. wall surface: light steel keel wall should be selected for the hidden installation of various pipelines and wall fixtures. The surface should be decorated with high hardness, good integrity, less slit and tight gap. It can use 1150 color steel plate, combined with air supply outlet, air return outlet, observation window, embedded viewing lamp, instrument cabinet, disinfection cabinet and switch interface, to assemble the wall into a whole, to minimize concave and convex surfaces and cracks. The wall can be inclined 3 degrees, which can not only reduce dust accumulation, but also make the point of view reflected by light beneficial to the operation of medical staff. Austria can be selected from the WAX anti pad board - enhanced wood. 600 x 600mm pale green tiles can be used for aseptic wall. The skirting board should be concave into the wall 1cm and integrated into the ground, with a radius of 40mm fillet. Two bumper plates should be installed on both sides of the channel and on the corner wall.
    3. Smallpox: need to be installed, equipped with efficient filter air outlets, lighting fixtures, smoke extinguishers, all kinds of pipelines should be hidden in the roof. The light steel keel 600 * 600mm white steel color steel cleaning board ceiling can be selected and sewn with sealant. The ceiling top shadowless lamp is darkly equipped. It can be used for the second-level top. The two sides of the second-level top are electrically operated, and the active opening and closing can reduce pollution as much as possible. Ceiling can also be suspended by aluminum buckle.
    4. Doors and windows: Dust-proof and sound-proof double-decked hollow windows with excellent sound insulation, stainless steel or plastic steel special windows should be selected. Active induction electric color steel plate push-pull door should be selected and equipped with a delay device to prevent frequent open door operation.
    In summary, all the above-mentioned Shandong Jingzhiyuan Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. provides more knowledge of operating room decoration. Welcome to our website: Thank you for your support!