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  • 山东净之源污染工程谈层流手术室的装修及结构留意事项
    来源: 浏览: 发布日期:2019-01-23
    Discussions on Decoration and Structural Attention of Laminar Flow Operating Room in Shandong Jingzhiyuan Pollution Project
    1. Air decoration.
    Because the fragmentary return air outlets of ordinary air supply are mostly located in the lower part of the room, together with the movement of medical staff on the floor and various equipment, the air purity is much higher than that of walls and ceiling, and a small amount of dust particles occur in the air.
    Air data require flat, wear-resistant, skid-proof, corrosion-resistant (acid, alkali, medicine), easy to clean, dust-proof and non-cracking decorative materials. Cast-in-situ terrazzo is commonly used in the world. Its advantages of lubrication, wear-proof, dust-proof, anti-static and easy to clean are taken, but peracetic acid concentrate should not be used to wash it out. Otherwise, it will react with alkaline cement and cause hemp surface. Terrazzo should use No. 425 or more. Under cement, the stone size is 5-15 mm, so as to avoid cracking, pebble dropping, sand, ceramic tile, mosaic (ceramic brocade brick) and other joint clearer information.
    Rubber, polyurethane paint and resin sheet can be used for high-grade air decoration. Its most obvious advantage is that fewer seams (usually by hot-melt welding to stop the connection between coils, electrodes made of plastic materials opposite to coils) can prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. In addition, it also has the advantages of pollution resistance, easy cleaning, comfortable feet, diverse patterns, simple installation and replacement, which can not be compared with terrazzo.
    2. Wall decoration.
    A new clean operating room is built with light steel keel partition wall structure, which facilitates the concealed installation of various pipelines and wall fixtures used in the operating room. The wall decoration surface layer should adopt high hardness, good integrity, less joints, tight cracks, with heat preservation and insulation function decoration materials. In recent years, comparable rare stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate (in order to avoid eye-catching should be made into matt), black steel plate and other composite plates. Wall generally requires vertical air, but some experts suggest that the wall can be inclined 3 degrees, not only can increase dust, but also can make the angle of light reflection conducive to the operation of medical personnel.
    Sealant is used for sealant joint disposal, and wall components are decomposed into whole by combining feeding, return air outlet, viewing window, embedded viewing lamp, disinfection cabinet, switch interface, fixing instrument cabinet and medicine cabinet on the wall, so as to increase convex and concave surfaces and seams as much as possible.
    3. Top decoration.
    The bottom of the roof needs to be arranged and equipped with efficient filter air outlets, lighting fixtures, smoke extinguishers, etc. All kinds of pipelines should be hidden in the roof. Therefore, the top decoration is one of the key points in the decoration of clean operating room. It is better to choose large face plate ceiling, such as light steel keel 600 x 600 mm milky white steel contaminated plate. Because the vibration of the air duct under the ceiling has more influence, it is suggested that the control of vibration scattering is more important than the control of the external hardness of the data. Ceiling data should be treated by sealant filling or pressing strip, so that it can form a whole to avoid dust from the upper space passing through the cracks to purify the air flow.
    In summary, all the above-mentioned Shandong Jingzhiyuan Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. provides more knowledge about laminar flow operating room decoration. Welcome to our website: Thank you for your support!