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  • 洁净手术室装饰材料的选择
    来源: 浏览: 发布日期:2017-10-11
    ※ 洁净区域装饰
    The clean area decoration
    Clean operation room adopts arc process design, wall and ceiling selection of high load-bearing steel structure frame, with electrolytic plate do veneer, floor selection of imported PVC composite coil flooring.
    1.1, wall, ceiling decoration
    ◆ 电解板特点:
    The characteristics of electrolytic plate:
    The utility model has the advantages of high strength, impact resistance, heat insulation, good sound insulation property, strong acid and alkali resistance, strong corrosion resistance, no dust producing and no dust accumulation, etc..
    ◆ 电解板装饰工艺:
    The electrolytic plate decoration process:
    Using special high strength metal keel as wall frame with special fastener and welding process, electrolytic plate and fixed on the ceiling keel; with special people as ceiling keel frame, with special fasteners and welding technology, electrolytic plate and fixed keel
    The electrolytic plate is assembled professionally in the form of a template. Between the walls and the walls, walls and ceilings, walls and floors with chamfer transition, no dead angle of hygiene; electrolytic plate back lining and waterproof gypsum board, wall board and ceiling board to improve strength, at the same time with fire prevention, waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation etc.; electrolytic plate with special coating spraying process positive antibacterial, having a smooth, no the gap, not characteristics of dust, inhibit the growth of bacteria, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning etc..
    ◆ 结构装饰效果:
    The structure of the decorative effect:
    Clean operation room walls and ceiling decorated with electrolytic plate, so that the entire operation room seamless, beautiful appearance (surface color pending).
    ◆ 手术室吊顶高度为3000mm。
    The operation room ceiling height is 3000mm.
    1.2, ground decoration
    The characteristics of the PVC floor:
    The P class has wear-resisting performance, strict implementation of European standards, the farming material has more often use life,
    The fire performance level B1 "difficult" fire safety requirements, achieve anti cigarette and thermal burns.
    The powerful anti pressure ability, the heavy pressure had not deformation residual depression degree reached 0.04 mm. Resilience is good, can slowly restore the original shape.
    § 防水抗洗刷、防滑、耐消毒剂及化学药品腐蚀。 并且抗污能力强,易于清洁保养。
    The waterproof anti washing, anti-skid, disinfectant resistance and chemical corrosion. And dirt resistance is strong, easy to clean and maintain.
    § 吸音效果好,脚感舒适,可起到缓冲的作用,使人们在行走时舒适放松。
    The sound-absorbing effect good, comfortable, can play a buffer role, make people relaxed and comfortable when walking.
    ◆ 铺制工艺:
    The paving process:
    The floor and the ground adopts imported special adhesive glue, floor seam between the use of homogeneous special electrode welding, the ground plane to form a whole; the floor and the wall are connected by the arc, to ensure that the corner not dust; easy cleaning.
    ◆ 装饰效果:
    The decorative effect:
    A simple and bright design can be made, so that the whole decorative part of the surgical department is more artistic and aesthetic, so as to improve the working environment of the medical staff (the surface color should be determined).
    1.3, the door configuration
    ◆ 每间手术室洁净走廊侧设置一樘单开平移悬挂式脚感应电动密封门,具有如下特点:
    We each side set up a complete set of clean operation room corridor single open hanging foot induction sealing door, has the following characteristics:
    § 门体为优质钢板,表面做静电粉末喷塑处理。
    The door for the high quality steel plate, the surface electrostatic powder spray treatment.
    § 动力梁为铝合金型材,特有的V型轨道和圆弧凹槽设计,满足关闭时的密封要求,整体结构合理、可靠,寿命达到10万次以上;门体设计采用经表面喷塑的大平面钢板,符合医院手术室使用的卫生要求。
    The power beam is Aluminum Alloy profiles, special V type rail and circular groove design, meet the requirements of the seal off, the whole structure is reasonable and reliable, service life can reach 100 thousand times; the door body adopts the design of the flat plate surface spray, meet the health requirements of the hospital operation room.
    § 活动门运行平稳,手动推拉力小于100N。
    The door of smooth operation, manual force is less than 100N.
    § 专用控制器和脚感应开关性能优越,医护人员只需将脚伸入开关盒,自动门即能开闭。也可用手控开关操作。
    The special controller and foot induction switch superior performance, medical personnel just feet into the switch box, automatic door is capable of opening and closing. Manual switches can also be used to operate.
    Clean room cleaning work
    Clean room cleaning and maintenance, do not recommend the use of aqueous solution of potassium, ammonia, iron, copper, nickel, regularly use wet mop or cloth to clean clean room. Sometimes, may need to use detergent and disinfectant, and then rinse with clean water requirements, such as distilled water or deionized water. If you need to use lubricating oil, then it is best to ask the management of the clean room, which lubricants can be used. It is generally recommended to use low release lubricating oil. After adding lubricating oil, wipe off all surface residual lubricating oil to avoid accumulation of particles on the oil.
    It is recommended to use a special HEPA filter cleaner and to clean it regularly. Thus, the clean room is clean, so that the cleaning station can achieve the greatest cleansing effect. Vacuum cleaners are divided into two types: wet / dry and dry. They are very suitable for cleaning the leaked pollutants. Dangerous spills must be handled by trained security personnel. The walls and ceiling can be used dry cleaners.
    Door, door frame and sill shall be cleaned regularly. Wipe the top of the door first, then wipe the sides and edges of the door. It is better to wipe the door with a pre moistened wipe. Tables, trolleys and other furniture also need regular cleaning. The furniture to use long overlapping brush slowly wipe. When wiping a table or a worktable, wipe it from the back. Never wipe it quickly or vigorously, causing air turbulence in the clean room. And don't forget to wipe the trolley and under the table.
    The ladder and the footstool is an important tool used in the clean room, clean room with this kind of product requirements are available on the market. Do not take wooden or rusty ladders or stools to the normally operating clean room. Keep safe. Don't stand on the table, chair or cart.